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SAFETY is the number “ONE” priority at CN ARGO SALES & SERVICE.  As your DEALER of “off-road” equipment, we provide ONE on ONE Argo driver training with and without tracks.  We take pride in the courses we offer and work hard to provide you with the best in-class videos and a professional personal training experience.

The objective of this course is to familiarize operators with the safe operation of their ARGO in various conditions.

Our course provides practical and challenging driving situations.   Your personal instructor will first demonstrate the safe use of your ARGO prior to you running the course.  You are taught various techniques  for safely operating your ARGO as you maneuver  through a variety of  situations presented on the course.

Once you have successfully completed your training and passed the certification test, you will receive a certificate certifying you are a trained safe and competent ARGO operator.

We also offer eight hour mechanical training to help you gain the confidence to operate and keep your unit working safely.

As a Customer of CN ARGO you receive  maximum value and utilization from your investment in the world’s best off-road vehicle, the “ARGO“.